Brazil Air Pass

O6 Air Pass


Valid for travel on Avianca Brazil (O6) flights within Brazil on any aircraft operated by Avianca Brazil (O6) on economy class. The airpass must not exceed 8 (eight) flight coupons and must only be sold and issued outside Brazil.



Eligible to foreign and Brazilian citizens residing outside Brazil who hold an international roundtrip ticket with travel originating outside Brazil with destination to any city in Brazil. International travel must be flown on any Avianca Brazil (O6) interline partner flights with which Avianca Brazil (O6) has a mita agreement. (multilateral interline traffic agreement). *ID/AD/courtesy* tickets do not qualify for this airpass.


Fares in USD 

For international roundtrip travel on flights operated and ticketed by any airline with which Avianca Brazil (O6) has a mita agreement (multilateral interline traffic agreement):


1 - 4 500,00 600,00 675,00 779,00
5 625,00 750,00 844,00 974,00
6 738,00 885,00 996,00 1149,00
7 848,00 1018,00 1145,00 1321,00
8 967,00 1160,00 1305,00 1506,00


Note: fare combinations are not allowed. The whole itinerary must be sold in one fare class.


Children/ Infants Fares

Children: no discount apply – same fare as adult
Infants: pay 10 (ten) percent of the applicable adult fare.


Minimum/ Maximum Stay 

Minimum Stay: none
Maximum Stay: 90 days counting from departure of the first sector.



OW - (one way) / RT - (round trip) / CT - (circle trip) / OJ - (open jaw) trip types are permitted and the whole journey must be flown on any Avianca Brazil (O6) flights operated by Avianca Brazil (O6).
Routing is limited to a minimum of 4 (four) flight coupons and a maximum of 8 (eight) flight coupons. The same sector may not be flown more than once in the same direction except for a connection. The same city not be used as an origin/ destination more than once except for a connection. Surface does not count as a coupon.


Stopovers and Connections

Each ticketed destination within the itinerary is validated as a stopover. Stopover are limited to the total number of coupons purchased. A maximum of 3 (three) free transfers are permitted, the 2 (two) coupons which form a connection will be counted as 1 (one) provided the maximum ground time does not exceed 4 (four) hours, otherwise the stopover will occur.



Booking classes: H, M, B or Y. Flights must be confirmed for the entire itinerary before departure of first flight segment. The airpass flights must be booked within an individual reservation separately from the international flights reservation. The whole itinerary must be booked in one of the above classes. Combination of different classes are not permitted.



The airpass must only be sold and ticketed outside Brazil. Tickets may not be purchased by use frequent flyer program (AMIGO). Only 1 (one) airpass may be issued per passenger. Tickets are not endorsable.



Before departure: unused ticket – full refund upon payment USD100.00 of penalty fee.
After departure: the ticket is non-refundable.



Before departure of journey: Charge penalty fee USD30.00 for each changed flight provided the same fare and booking class. Penalty fees are not refundable.
After Departure of journey: Charge penalty fee USD100.00 for each changed flight provided the same fare and booking class. Penalty fees are not refundable.
Changes are only permitted within the airpass ticket validity.
Children: no discounts apply, same penalty fee as adult ticket.
Infant: no charge


Agents/ Tour Conductor Discounts

Not Permitted.


Baggage Allowance

The baggage allowance for the airpass sectors will be the same as the one applied on international ticket. The international ticket must be presented with the airpass ticket at time of check-in.
Excess baggage – charge 0.5 percent of YXBRO6 full fare of the sector for which the excess applies.


Mileage Accrual

The airpass is eligible for mileage accrual in AMIGO program of Avianca Brazil (O6) partner frequent flier program.


For Flight Changes or cancelation of reservations, contact your agent travel.